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Our commitment: All of our projects are completed to the exacting standards of the international quality views.
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Our Commitment: At the inception of each contract, you can expect us to fulfill our obligation. Often, we far exceed the set goals for our clients.
S S Foundation
Our Commitment: Our employees and partners have Real-World knowledge on projects ranging from small to large scale construction projects.

About Us

In the field of Geotechnical Engineering, we offer the following services:

1) Bored Cast-Insitu Pile Foundation
2) Micro Pile
3) Sand Compaction Pile
4) Stone Column
5) Soil Nailing
6) Short Gritting
7) Grouting
8) Under Reamed Pile
9) Grout Mix Pile

1) Board Cast-Initu Pile Foundation:

Pile Foundations are used extensively for high rise support of buildings, bridges and other structures for safe transfer of structural loads to the ground and to avoid excessive settlement.

Pile are very effective in transferring structural loads through weak or compressible soil  layers into the more competent soils and rock layers.

Piles can be further classified as bored cast in site piles.  Devices cost in situ and pre bored pre cast piles.

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