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Our commitment: All of our projects are completed to the exacting standards of the international quality views.
S S Foundation
Our Commitment: At the inception of each contract, you can expect us to fulfill our obligation. Often, we far exceed the set goals for our clients.
S S Foundation
Our Commitment: Our employees and partners have Real-World knowledge on projects ranging from small to large scale construction projects.

About Us

In the field of Geotechnical Engineering, we offer the following services:

1) Bored Cast-Insitu Pile Foundation
2) Micro Pile
3) Sand Compaction Pile
4) Stone Column
5) Soil Nailing
6) Short Gritting
7) Grouting
8) Under Reamed Pile
9) Grout Mix Pile

5) Soil Nailing:

Soil Nails are structural elements used to hold the soil masses together and are normally used in passive soil condition, for example stage failure preventation.  Soil nails can be used with different type of fallings, such as short Crete, grid beam and concrete panel.  The main structural components of soil nail are reinforcement bar and cement grout.  Soil nail works like a tension pile that holds the soil masses together.


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